Well Testing

Surface Well Testing is one of the most preferable method today that assesses the reservoir potential under dynamic conditions. Reservoir Link provides a wide range of Well Testing and Production services to E&P companies for upstream and downstream solution.

Well Test Design
In Surface Well Testing, one size does not fit all. Objectives and operating conditions vary and require unique approach for each job execution. At Reservoir Link, through our collaboration with industry leading expertise and manufacturer, we work to develop a test plan to solve customer challenges to ensure well test objectives are met. It is important that Well Test Data are accurate-meaningful as customers depends highly on surface well test data to make informed reservoirs-management decisions and optimize recovery.
Exploration / Appraisal Surface Well Testing
During the exploration and appraisal well testing, we perform critical data acquisition such as flow rates, pressure and temperature (surface and downhole), representative fluid sampling, onsite analysis (if required). Data obtained is crucial to assess the commercial potential of a reservoir for future oil and gas production / development phase.
One of the known issues from post hydraulic fracturing activities is the residual of proppant. In a producing well, proppant when flowed to surface could potentially damage the surface production facility which normally includes surface production lines, process facilities and equipment. We can provide a wide selection of equipment such as sand filters, cyclonic desander, sand monitoring system to manage proppant produced to surface.
Well Cleanup and Unloading
Our services include the removal and proper disposal of completion fluids and solids from a well. This is crucial especially on a newly completed well which is produced back to the surface for the very first time. Produced well fluids are checked periodically to ensure that it is accurate and acceptable to customer prior wells are handed back over to production facility.
Production Testing

Often required in producing field performance optimization is Production Testing. We at Reservoir Link, in collaboration with leading proven field industry experts, we can help our customers to optimize field performance, perform diagnostic on non performing well productions and to provide solution if required where applicable. We could offer a customized inline testing packages and prevent production interruptions while testing. This includes production logging and flow metering. Applications include (but not limited to):

  • One Stop Integrated Solution with modular water injection system and production enhancement chemicals for well optimization / field performance.
  • Production related problem diagnostics
  • Metering Calibration
  • Complying to all customer requirements and local regulations.