Well Perforation Services

We provides perforation solutions technologies in creating clean and productive perforation tunnels that connects wells and reservoirs with great success and safety records . Collaborating with our technology partners to deliver perforation solutions to meet our customers objectives for entire well’s life cycle.

Wireline Conveyed Perforating
Thru-Tubing Slick Line or Electric Line conveyed perforation.
Tubing Conveyed Perforating
Drill Pipe / Tubing & Coil Tubing Conveyed Perforation, integrated tubing conveyed perforation.
Plug & Abandonment
Pipe recovery and Perf Wash Cement Perforation.
Gun Systems
Full range of gun assembly.
Shaped Charge
Reactive, Super Deep Penetrating, Big Hole and Propellent Assist Shaped Charges.
Firing Head & Auxiliary equipment
Electronic Rig Safe Smart Firing Head, Mechanical and Hydraulic Firing Head, TCP/CTCP/ITCP accessories.
Perforating Performance Modelling
Collaborating with our engineering partner, we provide Perforating inflow modelling including API-Section 4 Flow Laboratory, gun system testing and Pulse Frac Modelling.
Perforating Solution Consultancy Services.