Well Leak Repair Services

Permanent Solutions for Restoring Well Integrity

Leaks are detrimental to O&G industry operators as they result in loss of production and consequently revenue and reduced O&G reservoir's pressure over time. They can also result in environmental damage if the leaked materials contaminate the sea or land surface. Well leaks are commonly caused by corrosion, mechanical wear & tear, well pressure fluctuations, and damages caused by well stimulation.

Our Well leak repair services provides comprehensive solutions includesdiagnostic, identify leak rate/ leak characteristic, and leak rectification. Our main strength emphasize on pressure activated sealant, proven technology uses predictable components of flow and acceleration as natural catalyst to create a transitional reaction as the chemical pass through a leak path. The patented chemicals transition from liquid to solid state and bonds tenaciously to the leak path eliminating the leak effectively. With highly trained personnel, the reaction can controlled and adjustedaccording to leak condition. Today, we had hundreds of successful repairs in Malaysia.

Type of Leaks We Repair


  • Wellhead Hanger and Subsea Tree Leaks
  • Hydraulic Control Lines and Control Systems Leaks
  • SCSSV Leaks
  • Casing Leaks
  • Tubing Leaks
  • Micro-annular Leaks
  • Packer Leaks
  • Umbilical, Subsea Connector and Pipeline Leaks.