Well Perforate, Wash and Cement Services

Efficient One-trip Operation rock-to-rock barrier creation system

Perforate, Wash and Cement Services (PWC) is specially designated in one-trip module, includes TCP (Tubing Conveyed Perforation) to perforate the section which the guns drop automatically, and Archer Barricade™ System to wash and clean perforated annular session, then accurately place a permanent barrier. After the annular cleaning phase, high-circulation rates and pipe rotation enhance debris removal from the washed annulus and out of the well. One-trip module reduces Plug and Abandonment (P&A) cost, achieves time effectiveness of P&A operation.

Besides Well Abandonment, PWC services also applicable for Sustain casing pressure isolation, screen wash and slot recovery.

  • Fastest PWC operations in the market
  • Field result proven
  • No section milling and swarf handling
  • No underreaming
  • Efficient one trip system with TCP and effective rock-to-rock sealing barrier
  • Big Holes Gun System to provide the required size of entry holes for wash cement behind casing.
  • High Circulation rates
  • Smart design of dual swab cup either side of washing ports and adjustable distance between swab cups
  • Flow bypass system

RIH to Perf

Wash Existing Cement

Pump Spacer

Place Cement

POOH Place Cement Plug

source: Archer