Modular Water Injection System (IMWIS™)

Cost effective Chemical de-aeration technology

Water Injection System is part of secondary recovery initiative where treated water is injected into injection wells, then into the reservoir. The heart of the technique resorts in chemical de-aeration are meant to replace conventional Deaerator, that will reduce CAPEX commitment and also reduce engineering complexities of the system. (iMWIS™) can be deployed to achieve cost effectiveness for both service provider and Oil and Gas operators.

Besides, Interwell Tracer Test to optimise the opportunity of water injection for the fields. Where else, to improve the efficiency of the sweep and reduce the conformity issues related to vertical and horizontal permeability variance in the injection Sand, propitiatory reservoir chemical diverter (SmartSWEEP™) can be integrated to improve the mobility ration. This will reduce the risk of early water breakthrough in the producing wells whilst, improve the oil recover from the flooded reservoir.


Versatile, compact, mobile and quick deployment water injection system with the ability to integrate the data into SCADA.

Quick Deployment system with chemical de-aeration option.


high Throughput and High-Pressure resilient pumping system with the ability to integrate the data into SCADA.

Integrated delivery of the system including sub-surface study and system engineering.

Incorporates tracer injection, study and design to continuously optimize the water injection program and its benefit.

In-depth Conformance polymer can be recommended on case to case basis.


System can be independent from platform interface.

Reservoir pressure support and stimulate production to increase oil recovery

Versatile and flexible.

Portable system that Easy to transport from platform to platform.

Less manpower to handle portable system.

Integrated personnel for multitasking.