Corporate Social Responsibility

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Sustainability Statement

Our company’s vision is to be the preferred service provider in oil & gas and petrochemical industry focussed in Malaysia with equitable presence in International the world’s most trusted energy partner. We are committed to build a sustainable enterprise that helps meet the country’s growing energy needs in a safe, environmentally responsible, socially sensitive and profitable way.

We believe sustainability practices create value for our shareholders and position us to continuously improve our business performance. Our commitment to sustainability therefore starts with our Board of Directors and senior management and is reinforced at every level.

Our Board is climate change literate and actively engaged in overseeing Reservoir Link’s sustainability practices, working alongside senior management to evaluate various risks and global scenarios in making strategic decisions.

Our principles of sustainability are made up within three pillars: economic, environmental and social. These principles are also defined as profitability, planet and people.


DEFINITION-Impacts on the economic conditions of stakeholders and on economic systems at local, national, and global levels.


  • Resources Management
  • Capital Improvement
  • New Market Development
  • Corporate Governance

    DEFINITION-Impact on living and nonliving natural systems, including land, air, water and ecosystems.


  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Recycle and New Energy
  • Waste Management
  • Operational Efficiency

    DEFINITION-Impacts an organisation has on the social systems within which it operates.


  • Training & Competency
  • Social Responsibility
  • Code of Business Conduct
  • Human Right & Equality

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    Corporate Social
    Responsibility (CSR)

    Reservoir Link Group has embodied the true spirit of corporate social responsibility, and we are committed to ensure that we rigorously adhere to the highest standards in protection our people, ethical behavior, serving the communities and environmental sustainability.

    Our culture and core values are rooted in integrity, excellence, leadership and sustainability. To achieve our mission to be the preferred service provider in oil & gas and petrochemical industry in Malaysia and international, we connect people with employment opportunities and make a difference in the communities in which we live and work. Given the worldwide span of our workers, clients, suppliers, and associate partners, we recognize the global reach of our business practices and our public accountability.

    We take seriously our responsibilities to protect, support, and prepare workers for successful careers. Our efforts are focused on providing career opportunities and leading by example in areas such as workplace safety, health and wellness, diversity and inclusion, and training and development.
    RL is committed in doing the right thing, ethical, and trustworthy manner, upholding our regulatory obligations as the essential part of the business on which the society is build. Organization's culture has sets standards for determining the difference between good or bad, right or wrong, fair or unfair in business world.
    We partner with organizations in the communities where we live andwork to improve lives and society as a whole by engaging in activities such as community service, philanthropy, and support for small, minority, women, and disadvantaged businesses.
    RL recognizes a shared responsibility to protect our planet. Although our facilities and operations have a small ecological footprint, we reduce the environmental impact of our business through preservation, conservation, and waste reduction practices.


    Corporate Social
    Responsibility (CSR) Event