Our Consultancy services includes application of domain knowledge and expert Interpretation services to provides clarity and context enabling informed decision-making. We have a wealth of reference data, knowledge and extensive experience that guides and informs our interpretation of the various analyses we conduct.

Our specialized laboratory diagnostics services compliment the consultancy to make better prognosis and inference. Our consultancy also includes enabling advisory services such as data interpretation and analysis, simulation, review, modelling, optimization, scenario development services and forecasting that can covers the application in reservoir description, geochemical services, exploration, field development & production studies, production enhancement, idle well reactivation, production forecasting, Integrated Production Network Modelling, well abandonment, geological survey, petrographic analysis, sedimentary and many more.  


Flow Assurance and formation damage assessment comprise of integrated analysis of rock-fluids, fluid-fluid interaction from sub-surface all the way to topside production system.

Formation damage assessment is the study of finding out the root causes of impairment such as permeability reduction, skin damage and decrease of well performance caused byprocesses;including chemical,physical, biological,and thermal interactions of formation and fluids, and deformation of formation under stress and fluid shear throughout life cycle of reservoir or well.

Flow assurance assessment will focus on the flowability of fluids produced by well and its effects to the integrity of the reservoir rock, well completion, production processes facilities and also change of produced fluids behaviour that causes economic constrains and increased OPEX in operating the fields.


Technical Consultancy and Laboratory analysis is often crucial to ensure the health assessment of reservoir and fluids can be performed through specific indicators. Both industry standard practices as well propriety workflows shall be employed to undertake the diagnosis. Wet testing, bench scale testing as well usage of advance instruments will be used to undertake various test protocols to determine the behaviour of produced fluids (water, oil, gas), solids (sand, fines, particles, clay etc), contaminants (metals, mercury, H2S etc). The diagnosis also focus on possible changes to its behaviour under certain working envelope such as pressure, temperature, production rate and etc. The interpretation and expert prognosis often provided with diagnosis. 


With the conclusion of assessment and laboratory diagnosis and prognosis, suitable formulation made use of specialised chemistries will be designed. The engineering of the fluids will take into consideration how best can the injected chemical can improve the recovery of oil, by remediating form formation damage and flow assurance issues to promote better condition for hydrocarbon flow from reservoir to topside, remediate the blockages and impairment in flow conduits such as tubing and pipelines etc; thus holistically improve the producibility of wanted fluids (hydrocarbon) and reduce the production of unwanted fluids and solids (water, fines, sand).


Incollaborations with Stratum Reservoir , we offer reservoir characterization, laboratory services and instrumentation designed to deliver scientific insights ofrock and fluid analysis.The analysis will be complemented by Interpretive and Advisory services to make sound conclusion and plan forward actions. The analysis comprise of Routine Core Analysis (RCAL) , Special Core Analysis (SCAL), Geochemical analysis, Geological Analysis, Reservoir Fluid Analysisand Core Imaging. The Interpretation and advisory of the analysis covers the application in reservoir description, geochemical services, exploration, field development &production studies, well abandonment, geological survey, petrographic analysis, sedimentary and many more.