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Reservoir Link collaborating with Archer in Well Construction Market, using TORNAR for BOP cleaning system.

Designed to remove debris from the BOP rapidly and reliably, the Tornar® BOP Cleaner combines Tornar® flow ports with a large OD to create a powerful cyclone of drilling fluid. When the cyclone passes any BOP cavity, the differential pressure engulfs any accumulated debris and retains it in the drilling fluid.

To increase the efficiency of the cyclone and ensure the effective retrieval of magnetic debris, a 13-3/8” BOP magnet is fitted to the Tornar® BOP Cleaner. The Tornar® BOP Cleaner can be configured to suit operational requirements, adjusting the ratio of flowports to magnets, in order to maximize debris retrieval.

Remark: TORNAR™️ is registered trade mark of Archer.

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